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Hard chrome plating is an electroplating process by which chromium is deposited onto industrial machine parts.  Chrome plating is used for wear and corrosion resistance.  Chrome is very hard, measuring 65Rc - 70Rc depending on the base metal hardness.   Chrome has a very low co-efficient of friction, providing excellent lubricity and reduced friction.  Worn surfaces can be repaired and chrome plated back to original dimensions.

Precision Industries specializes in chrome plating extrusion dies, screws and rolls for the plastics industry.  We offer complete rework services for PVC pipe tooling, sheet extrusion dies, blown and cast film dies, co-extrusion dies and feedblocks. 

  • Chrome plating up to 300" in length

  • Conforming anode technology

  • Flash chrome plating

  • Duplex chrome plating

  • Chrome plating up to .030" thickness

  • Matte - mirror finishes available

chrome carbide mixing rotors screws
Repair Bubble Forming Wrap Cylinder Repair
chrome plated twin screw extruder barrel
  • Extrusion dies

  • Single & twin extrusion screws

  • Downhole drilling rotors

  • Hydraulic cylinder rods

  • Chill rolls, nip rolls, pre-cooling rolls

  • Pump shafts

  • Impellers, housings, couplings

  • Output shafts, pinion gear shafts

  • Turbine shafts

Pinion Shaft Gear
Chrome plating hopper cylinder bore
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